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Overclocking Guide

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I hope this is the right place to ask this...

My CPU just out of warranty and think i wanna OC them...

Dual AMD MP2800+ on an MSI K7D Master-L

What kind of speed can I push them to ?

My coolers are Aerocool Deep Impact 102 Web site HERE Do you think I could push them to 2800MHz safely ? or could I get higher ?
your 2800+ is 333fsb, right? that's 166mhz. just jump for 175mhz with same multi and stock vcore. that shud be a starter. u can't damage yer cpu if the voltage is reasonably close to stock and the heat is below 60c. if the pc doesn't boot, reset the cmos.
I've got a p4 2.6c not overclocked at all.


#1- How long does a CPU warrenty from Intel last?

#2- Im on stock fan/HSF from intel... would this be enough to get to 3ghz?

#3- I see you've talked about voltage, if i kept my voltage at stock and tried to get my CPU to 3ghz, would it be possible.

Sry im REALLY noob at CPU overclocking and found your guide great for newcomers like me who need to know the basics first.
#1 not sure, i'm what they call a "warrenty voider with a vengeance.":)

#2 2.6c shud be able to easily get past 3ghz on stock cooling, i do.

#3 well i think 3ghz on stock voltage would be a little hard, but it might be possible with a lucky 2.6c. for me i just use .025v more then stock and it's good to go at 231fsb (3003mhz)
Guide is awesome. I need to know if im right. I just bought a new mobo / cpu. Friend told me its awesome and easy to overclock. I even bought a volcano 7 heatsink/fan.
I got ABIT NF7-S V2 Nforce2 MB Also cpu is Amd Athlon Xp 2500+ Mobile 266.
I have 2700 ddr ram. If I overclocked the cpu to 333 then the ram is already 333 so I would not have to overclock ram right? And any idea if I would need to turn voltage up? This is my first time overclocking so any other things I need to pay attention to? I will make sure the temp is under 60 C also.
well since ram is a ratio of the FSB, when you first look at the ram speed at stock with 1:1 ratio, you will have 133mhz ram along with 133mhz fsb. raising the fsb to ~166mhz then your ram will be running at stock speeds. so while you're overclocking the cpu from stock to 166mhz the ram should have no problems. see how high you can go overall.
So pretty much looks like all I need to do is boost cpu up 33 mhz. What about voltage? Anythign I need to do there for jsut 33 mhz. But the stuff I listed up tehre is that good stuff easy to oc?
All i have in bios is the Cpue Frequency


So..... Is mine locked, if so how do i overclock because i see no options.

Its a 2.4ghz celeron, pc2100 512mb ram
Ok guys im new at OC but i have learnt alot over the past 3 weeks 3 weeks ago i didnt even know what a mobile cpu was or mutiplier lol. Im buying a xp-m 2600, And then i want to OC it, so for starters i'll get the cpu then buy new ram good brand 2 256mb at 3200 for my motherboards dual channel, then i'll stick the cpu in and run prime95 see if it's all working good ao problems right speeds and so on. Then i will drop the mutiplier down to about 10x increase the fsb from 266 standard to 333 run a test all should be good then increase it to 400 alls good start to increase the mutiplier slow up and up 10.5x test 11x test 11.5 12x 12.5x test increase cpu voltage also. so 200x10.5 is 2100mgh/z and test test test even if it takes 3days or 7as long as it's stable up to where im happy with 200x12.5,, 2500mgh/z 1.8voltage, that would make me happy get good cooling say a ThermalTake A1725 Volcano 11+ Xaser Edition ..... So guys if i follow this how will i go ok or need more help ???