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Overclocking & Lite-On 32x cd-rw

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Feb 7, 2002
Well when i run myu 2 ghz northwood at stock speed its fine but when i have it o/c'd to 2.3ghz my lite-on 32x cd-rw occassionally decides not to read disks, it stops detecting the presence of a disk just randomly. Any ideas why? or any sugg how to fix it? I have to run my northy at 2ghz now b/c of this (i cant even watch a cd video for more than 5 min without total crash and thats oly when it detects the disk (some of the time))) :(


Prodigal Son Moderator
Mar 1, 2001
Tuscaloosa AL
you are running at a PCI bus speed the CDRW drive can't handle. Your best bet is to get it up to a speed that the next divider kicks in or slower than 2.3ghz.


Mar 7, 2002

May be i'm wrong. I think PCI=33 and AGP=66 MHz.

Please someone confirm.


Mar 4, 2002
Cincinnati, OH
The PCI shouldn't be that far out of spec at 2.3 GHz. That equates to a 115 fsb so his PCI (IDE) should be at 38 MHz. The lite on should handle that easily unless his drive is defective.

I doubt he will make it to a high enough fsb to make the next divider kick in...that should be at 133 fsb (2.66 GHz), but it's definately not totally out of the question for a good overclocker. :)