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Overclocking monitors- is there an ideal refresh rate?

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Sep 4, 2016
i notice with the Nvidia control panel it allows you to 'overclock' your monitor by increasing its refresh rate.

my Dell 1440p monitor is rated at 60Hz but guessing I can increase this 10 or even 20 Hz.

Is there any disadvantage to ramping up the refresh rate as much as possible before the monitor says 'No I can't do that:)


Way Too Jealous Member
Dec 13, 2002
Southern California
For what it's worth, my catleap (now my brothers) monitor has been overclocked for years. Just like overclocking a cpu or a gpu you are probably degrading it's life span but it's hard to say by how much.

Some monitors overclock quite well, most however do not. My last benq would only do I think 63 hz, and I never even bothered to test that for frame skipping. My samsung tv blanks out at even 61hz.

As for target hz, if you watch a lot of bluray rips you want a multiple of 24, if you watch a lot of tv show rips that are 30 fps, you want a multiple of 30. They intersect at 120hz which is why it's such a nice refresh rate for media consumption. For gaming it's mostly just more = better.

Jeff G

May 22, 2016
My Catleap runs 120hz too, been running it there for many years without issue.
I can tell you once you get above 90hz, you definitely start to notice that the higher you get the better it looks. I'm not sure why 90hz was the breaking point, but i didnt see noticeable differences until then.