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Overclocking my HD6950 flashed.

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annnnnnd it's gone
May 15, 2010
Euroland, Denmark
So i formatted, and i forgot my profiles and its been a while since i made them.

For odd reasons i have become unsure what the stock voltage is on the 6950.

Some say its 1.1 and some say its 1.0. My card reads 1.0?

Apart from that, i need to get alot more sure on what im doing.

I think i had my card running around Core clock 980 and mem clock 1475, i cant remember the but it was pushed abit.

But im unsure, what are the top air cooled settings for this card and how should i test to see if its stable? 3D mark?
If yours reads 1.0 under load...............its 1.0.

Each card is different, so you will just have to test and find out again.

3DMark11 is a good test, sure.
Which card are we talking about Pierre3400, ie single fan dual fan etc. I have the settings in my note book so come back to me and i will find them for you ok.

We are talking about a Gigabyte Radeon HD6950 2GB (First version) Flashed with unlocked shaders and Arctic Cooling Extreme Plus II mounted (3 fans)

Thanks, my main problem right now, is before my rebuild and format, MSI afterburner would show the real amounts of mhz, plus when i pressed apply it would apply the settings, right now MSI AB just says 0mhz on both core and mem, and no matter what i put, it jumps to a preset, and wont apply settings.

From what i understand i did unlock MSI to be able to OC, but its just not what it looked like before??


Please add up your settings for HD6950 oc'ed :)
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This is without any overclocking running, only changes is Dram set to 1600mhz.

But why on earth is it reading my Core Mhz on gpu to 450mhz, when stock is 800mhz?

This is pretty annoying. No one tells what volts they are running, and i cant get anywhere close to the 970/1375 without the a full on GPU crash!..

I swear the card overclocked a hell of a lot better with 12.4 ccc then it does with 12.8 ccc!
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Its annoying, but i cant OC as high with 12.8 as with 12.4 but i get better scores with lower OC with 12.8. So i guess i'll stick with 12.8.