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Overclocking my Shuttle SB 51G - newbie

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Dec 17, 2003

New here - nice place!

I have a Shuttle SB 51GB which I have overclocked to 3.21 GHz using the BIOS tweaks. This PC uses the stock shuttle liquid cooled heat pipe.


- Does anyone know how high I can go without burning stuff out?

- Do I specifically NEED to tweak voltage to overclock? If so, how do I do that?

- Is there a benefit to overclocking RAM? Is it necessary if I'm overclocking my CPU?

Thanks, all input is appreciated.



All round good guy
Aug 24, 2003
first of all: WELCOME TO THE FORUMS :)

- you can go pretty high, but watch your temps, dont let them go to high...

- only up vCore if it becomes unstable, try to up it a notch (if temps allow it) then see if it becomes stable...(more speed, requires more volts)

- OC'ing RAM, leads to more bandwith, thus better performance, necessary? no, you can use RAM ratios to keep the RAM at its default (somewhere near it..) speed, though id only do this if the RAM is already being pushed, or if the RAM wont be able to handle the speeds itll have to take..

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Jun 22, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Overclocking ram would be a good idea if you have the leway to do so. To improve your temps, I would:
lap the heatsink base (look for lapping)
Probably add AS3 to the chip, and I think around the pipes in the heatpipe (not sure about this)
Cut the grills away from the fans
and get stronger/quieter fans

And my crappy chip runs at abour 55-60 full load day in and day out. Im not too worried about it. :)