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Overclocking on a P55 chipset

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Sep 13, 2015
Ok, so I have been playing with my daily driver to see if I can get a little more life out of it for another year or two. I have done ok overclocking it so far following the guide found here on the front page, but I am now stuck and looking for some advice.

The three main components that will be relevant to this thread,

Motherboard - Intel DP55WG
CPU - I7-860
Ram - Mushkin blackline 4x4GB 2133 kit

Here is a screenshot with I hope all of the relevant settings but if you need something else let me know.


So I started out by overclocking the bclk with "Turbo mode" turned off and left the RAM settings on auto. by doing this I had access to Vcore but not DRAM or VTT voltage. After hitting a bclk of about 150 the system became unstable mainly due to, I believe, the uncore as the VTT was stuck at 1.1volts.

At this point I decided to put the RAM into manuial mode and start messing with settings by myself. I was able to bump VTT up to 1.2V and DRAM to 1.6v. Unfortunately by doing this the system will no longer do timing automatically so I needed to set them myself. I backed the ram down to 6x multiplier and proceded to push forward with the bclk and topped out around 185-190 bclk.

This brings me to the crux of my problem. This board, yes I know it is not great but it is what I have, has a max TRFC of 140 so it is really killing my ability to get the RAM up to a decent timing. At a bclk of 185 I have to run the 6x multiplier for an effective RAM speed of 1110mhz. At this bclk setting the 8x multiplier will not boot due to TRFC being wrong. I am pretty confident as to this being the problem because when I left the ram on auto it would use the 12x multiplier at 140 bclk , 1680mhz effective, and it would boot just fine but the ssytem would run a TRFC of over 200 automatically.

So long story short I backed the bclk down to 175 and am using the 8x multiplier currently, if i try to push any harder I am borked due to memory not posting.

So I guess I am looking for a way to deal with the lack of control over the TRFC so I can try to push the bclk up to the 185-190 range.

I have considered playing with Taiphoon burner to write a custom profile to the RAM that would utilize a bclk of 185 and have the correct timings but I would also need the ability for the RAM to set the DRAM to 1.6-1.65v and the VTT to be pushed by +0.1-0.15 volts. I am unsure if Taiphoon burner is able to force these voltages or not and did not want to buy it without figuring that out first.

So I just threw a lot of information out there and if you need anything else let me know and I can get it posted up, I do realize this is a dated system with limited OC capabilities and a lot of ram shoved in it but hey I gotta give it a try.