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Overclocking PIII 800EB

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New Member
Mar 19, 2002
Hello all, I am a overclocking rookie and am looking for a little help with my CPU. I know how to overclock and what is required, I just need some help with settings.

What should I shoot for(stability and speed), what is a good FSB and safe voltage?

Thanks in advance for any help!

System info;

512MB PC133 RAM
Asus P3V4X Via Apollo PRO133A chipset
Radeon 7500 64DDR


Senior @ss
Sep 23, 2001
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

OK, you know how to overclock, so I won't get into this. The CPU Database ( http://overclockers.cssftware.com/cpudb/index.cfm )will provide you with an idea of how other people with your CPU have done with the cooling you have. Looks like the average for your CPU is around 980. Just keep an eye on the temps and keep going until they hit the 45-50C mark, or until it is no longer stable running a processor intensive application. With a coppermine, I wouldn't exceed 1.85V unless you have good cooling, then 1.95-2V is the max.


New Member
Mar 19, 2002
Thanks for the welcome Jazz:D

I looked over the database, and I have my chip as high as 900Mhz with the FSB/PCI at 150/40, voltage can stay at 1.65 or higher. The temp is fine, and the chip is totally stable in WinXP, but after a few mins of 3dMark or any other game the system will hang. I was also unable to get the chip to clock any higher (would just hang at bios), guess I have an overclock dud or I am doing something really wrong:(

Thanks for the help

Marcos Pereira

New Member
Mar 18, 2002
Sao Jose dos Campos, BRAZIL

Your setup determines how far you can increase frequencies/temperatures.

Some cards become unstable with higher PCI clocks. I have a SB Audigy MP3+ that don´t handle over 43 MHz. Without it I can reach stable FSB/SDRAM/PCI = 200/150/50 with 2*256 MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM modules (2-2-2-5/7), so my 800EB (SL52P cD0)goes up 1.2 GHz, with default VCore = 1.75V and original boxed heatsink & fan (48C).

The quality and number of SDRAM modules is important as well. If I remove one SDRAM module then I can set FSB/SDRAM/PCI = 166/166/42, or [email protected], 49C, 3-2-2-5/7.

If can't POST, increase voltage and/or decrease frequencies.
If you can't boot, increase your memory timings.
In any case, effective extra cooling will make benefits to the overall system.

Take a look in this thread:


[]'s :burn:

ASUS CUSL2 (i815E) (using onboard VGA)
Pentium III (SL52P cD0) 800EB @ 1.0 GHz (FSB/SDRAM/PCI = 166/166/42 MHz)
2 x 256MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM @ 3-2-2-5/7 (only one in use)
IBM DeskStar 60GXP 60 GB
SB Audigy MP3+
Lucent Winmodem 56K
HP CD-Writer 9300 Plus
Sony DVD 1211-82 (12x)
Windows 2000 Professional
Red Hat Linux 7.1