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Overclocking problems and WD and IBM Harddrives

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Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
Ok here is the facts.

Had system running stable at 2.138 with 118fsb. Then had fatal error on hard drive. So, I thought the hard drive was bad. Call WD and they sent me out a new one, cause mine is under waranty.

Intstalled the new one, with my old WD as a slave. Transfered all my data. Decided I would try to overclock it again. Got to 118fsb and 2.138. Very stable, no heat probs. Let it run like that with both WD's for about 6 hours. Decided everything was fine, would uninstall the old WD and put in my IBM, which is just a backup drive. Shut down computer, pulled out the old WD and put in the IBM as a slave. Rebooted, FATAL ERROR, BLUE SCREEN. Had to bump my CPU back down to stock and reintall Windows XP.

Windows installed fine, now I am at stock speeds and everything is ok.

What could have caused this, btw the WD and the IBM are ATA66 7200RPM Drives.
Well, I may be going out on a limb here but I would say overclocking an ATA66 hard drive to 118FSB might be your problem. Hard drives don't like high FSB's because it makes them work a lot harder. Hard drives just get to a certain speed where they produce too much heat for themselves and just generally give up and produce errors. And I would probably be willing to say that if you dropped your FSB a couple (few) points, you might not have that problem. The IBM drive may be your problem actually....the WD drive can do just fine by itself, but when it has a slower drive on the chain and its overclocked they just get ticked at each other. :) Just keep playing with it and figure it out. I'll bet you'll have a much more stable system if you let it relax a little bit.

Good luck
I would look into a maxtor adrive, I have an ata 133 20 gig and I can run perfectly with a fsb in the 170's.