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Overclocking Questions

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New Member
Apr 15, 2001
Asus p3v4x main board
PIII 550e
256mb of pc-133 ram
Asus v7100 Geforce2mx video card
Sound Blaster live value sound card
Windows Me
WD 30g hard drive
@home cable modem

Want to overclock is this a good chip to do so? If I go to say 733 how much extra cooling should I put in? Just have stock heat sink and fan right now. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Hey, Welcome to the forums!

That's a good list of components. That chip isn't a world beater, but you should get a decent o/c out of it.

Have you read the Beginner's FAQ's on the front page yet? Between that, and the "Tips and Techniques", you can get up to speed on what all the names and numbers we talk about in here mean.

Concerning your cooling....I'd replace that intel unit with something better. This DOES NOT include a Golden Orb. Gorbs aren't much better than the intel POS that comes with the chip in the first place.

Go with a good quality hsf the first time out, and you won't have to worry about it after that. Alpha and GlobalWin make some good pieces, look into getting one of those.

Get the cooling in place, and then start raising the FSB. When you start having stability problems, bump the voltage to the chip up to the next step, and try the FSB again. Trial and error will get you to the right combination of voltage and FSB for that individual chip.

Good luck with your overclocking adventures!

Mr B