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Overclocking Ryzen 5600X using safe voltages

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New Member
Nov 25, 2022
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and this is my first post here. A couple of months back I bought a new rig with a Ryzen 5600X, ASUS TUF B550 Plus Mobo , 16GB 3200MHz and a RTX 3060. Since then I have been running the 5600x stock without any overclocking and using only Curve Optimizer. AMD Ryzen Master suggested me a negative offset of -30 on all cores and so far it has been running smoothly without any issues. Max voltage during rendering was around 1.3V and max temps were 60C while maintaining an all core boost of 4.65GHz. During gaming the temps were a bit better, hovering around 50-55C. Today I finally took the plunge and overclocked my CPU using Ryzen Master setting a positive offset of 100 MHz. The boost clocks are now at 4.75GHz single core and 4.7GHz for all core. Ryzen Master applied way too much PPT, TDC and EDC(395W, 160A, 190A) and I changed them to 130W PPT, 70A TDC and 100A EDC. However, I noticed that my CPU voltage is now at 1.35V at all core loads instead of 1.25V and temps are around 65-70C while rendering and 60-65C during gaming. I have heard of some stories regarding degradation of Ryzen CPU's using too much voltages and so I'm scared if running 1.35V for the long term might damage the chip. I have kept the PBO Scalar at the default so that the FIT kicks in when needed. So I'm asking for advice and suggestions from you guys. Is running 1.35V during all core load safe for the chip? or should I back down to stock 4.65GHz at 1.3V? I'm using a 240mm AIO for the cooling.


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