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Overclocking soyo k7via

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New Member
Dec 20, 2000
I have a soyo k7 via (kx133) mother board with 256 kingmax pc133 v1.1 memory and an amd athlon 700.I was curious why I can't go anything past 115 FSB. When i do, the comp starts but no video comes up. I have a diamond viper 550 16 mg PCI. I just bought a creative G-force 2 annihilator pro with 32 MGS ddr AGP card..on its way. Is the viper 550 the prob? Also, how do I know how high my, cpu voltage has got to be..its a 1.7 OC to 777mhz. Any help is greatly appreciated.

ps- it is a slot a board.
115 is getting pretty high for the fsb - that puts your pci cards at 38MHz, quite a strain. It could well be any of your pci cards, or your memory - just get a gfd to unlock the multiplier on that athlon, then you can stop fsb overclocking and push the athlon higher ;-) If your mobo allows you to lower the pci divisor at higher settings you could try that - like a 124MHz fsb with 1/4 divisor = 31MHz - a slight underclock I know, but it would tell you whether it's your pci cards or the cpu/mobo chipset that's holding you back. if it can run at the higher fsb, then it's your cards that are the problem, if it can't then it's probably your cpu or the chipset on your mobo that's the problem. I know the KT133 chipset doesn't like fsb above 110, but i'm not sure about the KX133.
FYI The Soyo K7Via Mobo has an automatic PCI clock safegaurd, it is completely independent of the FSB clock. I'm still trying to locate an unlocker for mine so I can OC my classic Athlon 700