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Overclocking Tempature Help

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Jun 19, 2001
St. John's NL, Canada
I have a p3 500 and I plan to overclock this chip. I know they are not great overclockers I have a retail heatsink/fan combo but I am ordering a VOS32 Very shortly but the problem lies in my Motherboard, it do not have any tempature monitering features :(
Shuttle AV61 is the board. Can any 1 recomend a good tempature monitering device so I can get some accurate idea of my cpu temp. Please tell me the url of where I can find 1 that will meet my needs. I have some case fans installed so I am not to worried about monitering my Motherboard temp for now but the CPU temp is a must. Take a look at this device and give u're opinions if it will meet my needs I think the sensor is kind of 2 big to put between cpu and heatsink or however u do this I am new 2 overclocking. http://www.bigfootcomputers.com/Mer...foot&Product_Code=2401CGTD&Category_Code=0220

is the url
That temp sensor is perfect for monitoring CPU temps. I would recommend getting it from Cooler guys though since they have it for a lower price, $16.95!

Also, the VOS32 works great, I have it and love it, I think you will to. THe only problem with it is that the clip kind of sucks that comes with it. It didnt provide good contact with the CPU core when i used that clip. I would recommend the stock clip that came with the intel HSF. It is the best clip, in my opinion, and when I used it I had very good contact and my Idle temps were about 24-25c.