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Overclocking TI graphing calculators!!

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Feb 7, 2002
Has anybody done this besides me? I can't wait to overclock my ti-89 i can't find any good guides on it though. I do have an overclocked ti-83 running from 4mhz at 9mhz :) On the overclocked ti's the game speed is incredible and it does math and graphs really fast but the batteries go fast as hell. And your theoritically not overclocking it. For example in the ti-89 its a 30mhz motorolla chp . yet it runs at 10mhz or 12mhz in the newer(less than a year old) hardware ver 2. The ti-89 memory can get 21mhz. To overclock ti's its really easy you remove the c7 i think it is capacitor that controls cpu speed and put one on instead with very low capacitance so the chip will run faster. You can even try to solder it striaght no capacitor but it doesn't work very well. some good ti sites for doing this stuff are www.ticalc.org and some others , try google. I mounted a switch 2 two different capcitors in my 83 on the side of the calc (cut hole with drmel) its soo cool. I can run at stock 10mhz for normal work o 20mhz for fast had math calculations and insanely fast games. I don't think anybody has tried but if ou could increase the voltage to memory you maybe able to get it past 21mhz. Anyways, i think overclocking graphing calcs is pretty cool and there are a lot of guides and schematics online.


Sep 9, 2002
under the floorboards
I overclocked an old ti-85 i got for 10 bucks. I just popped out that capacitor- not a stable oc- it runs for about 30 sec and crashes- well, it was a 100% speed increase. The thing does graph at insane speeds while it does run.


Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
When I first got my 89 three years ago. I was planning on it. The thing that held me back, was the fact I couldn't find out what overclock meant. I knew the calc would run faster but my lack of understanding kinda prevented me from following through.


The Half Asleep Member
Aug 29, 2002
Lewiston Maine
LOL I work for TI and this is the first time that I have heard about anyone wanting to OC their calcs (I dont work at the plat that makes them, but they use to sell them to us cheap, but not any more)


Oct 12, 2002
Indiana University

I've got a TI-92. A friend of mine tried to OC it once since I was no longer going to take any advanced math classes. He got it oc'd once and ran some game on it but then it died ; ) OH well, he paid me back for it.

I didn't even know other people tried this sorta thing.