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Overclocking Video cards

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New Member
Jul 26, 2001
Im on my way to building my dream machine. Ive already bought the Antec 1030A in Charcoal color I put a USB hub in one of the 3.5 bays and a floppy in the other. Ive already bought the ECS DVAA M/B its installed. I plan on buying the the Live drive 5.1 platnum blah blah. Ive started dropping Crucial PC133 ram in when Im done it should be at least 700 something or two 512 modules if I can afford them. They are pretty cheap. Im still debating the CPU,s to get. It will at least be a pair of PIII 866 or higher with either the Vantec CCK 6035D or the Thermalright SK6 havent decided yet.
Ive been reading alot on Overclocking and I believe I will have great cooling since Ive put a pair of Sunon 80MM fans with 50.4cfm each in the front of the case. I plan on running a FSB of around 150 which shouldnt be too crazy. My one concern is that I get a Video card that can handle the FSB. Im almost sold on the Radeon 64DDR Vivo. I only want to spend around $150 on the video card and Im not going to actually buy it till late sept or Nov maybe even late Nov so who knows what will be in my price range at that time. Ive already put a Creative labs 12X DVD drive in as well and I have my CDRW already as well as an old 48X CD reader. I hope I dont pull too may amps with all the fans and peripherals on the Antec.

Anyways heres my questions which CPU Heatsync and Fan combo do i really need to spend the extra for the SK6 I dont think its really neccasary? Next which CPU it seems from what Ive read the 866 overclocks almost as easily as the 933? Im not buying them for another month or so either so they may get cheap and be a mute point? Last and most important since I dont know what Ill be able to afford in video cards in two months do you have a site I can visit that covers Overclocking video cards with the FSB and their stability? Is the Radeon a good choice? Im willing to give up some frames for quality picture and believe running what I will be running I wont see any loss anyways.
Anyways my dream machine is now the Antec case with when Im done 3 fans in the rear(counting Pwr spply). Two fans in the front one fan on each CPU maybe one above the the cards from crazypc.com and if I have a 5.25 drive bay open maybe a three fan cooler in the top bay. Total 11 fans and artic silver compound on the cpu,s
WOW Its almost as good as sex (Don't tell my wife) Oh yea im planning on buying two IBM 40gig ata100/7200 rpm HD and stripeing them.

OK Since I havent bought the Sound Card or Video card or HD,s or CPU,s and Fans. Before I do any last suggestions?
By the way I love your site I visit it everyday ussually twice a day. Keep up the great work!!