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Overclocking vodoo3dfx

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I had one and overclocked it. They run pretty HOT non overclocked so I added some fans to it. I should take a pic and post but that would mean I would have to get off my lazy duff!! I'll take one soon and show ya. I HIGHLY recomend that you add AT LEAST one fan to it. I used a program called VTsomething (I think) and it worked pretty good. I did some benching ad got some better frame rates and higher scores.

Check back later for the pic.

Mod on

http://www.tweakfiles.com has an assortment of 3DFX tweak files. Yes it can be OC'd and yes you DO need better cooling.........unless it's a 5500 in which case moderate OC'ing is ok, but sever OC'ing would need better cooling. Also if it's the 5500 remove the sinks and replace that lousy thermal pad........get at least some Shack stuff.
dido on the talk of needed cooling. on mine i found that 200 would produce the highest scores. any higher and they would be worse. sopposedly the mem is only good to 190ish
I can get mine to run at 200 mhz for awhile in 3d games but will eventually lock me out. At 197mhz it is rock stable but i wish i could run it at 200 for some reason 3 more mhz see alittle bit faster.
Powestrip is a decent program I got mine to 195, stable enough to play Motocross Madness 2 ,Viper Racing, and Diablo II (Barbarian)till my eyes almost popped out total time maybe 4-5 hours and the only break was changing the cd'sI have had no problems
** I have a blorb at robjustice's house but I cant seem to get there ! but right now I have a 120 hanging with zipstrips about 1 inch from voodoo's green thingy(hs)
He said that he had a voodoo 3, so i am under the impression that it is the 2000, or 3000, and those two cards OC very differently. If its the 2000, dont expect to see much over 166-170 OC. If it is the 3000, then it will go to 183-200 pretty easily. I had the 3000, and it needed serious cooling even without being OC'ed. At least mount a 3 inch fan onto the heatsink, and get at least 1 case fan moving air inside the case.
I had a V3 2000 that I added a fan to the original hs and then added another heatsink and fan to the underside and then flashed the BIOS to V3 3000. Ran great on the 3000 bios without any problems. In fact it's still being used in my Wife's K62-500 and hasn't had a problem yet. Might put it back in my system as I got ansy and bought a Geforce MX200 without reviewing it. While the graphics are better on the Geforce2, I got better framerates with the Voodoo3. Gonna be playing with oc'ing the MX200 and see what I can do
Shadow overclocked my 3000 and added a new heatsink and fan to mine. So I guess you can tell thats an issue after reading all of these posts :)

Overclocking did improve my benchmark..