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New Member
Jan 24, 2001
like to find out what is a self temp. when overclocking..I have a 800 TB that am going to overclock to 1000 my temp. now is 49c with a coolermaster DP5-6H11...

Your temps are on the high side , i would get better cooling and until you have that i suggest you take back a few steps in O/C . You can fry the cpu easily if the temp is going a bit higher!!
49c is awfully warm- even when overclocked. Many coppermines become unstable around 45c and above. Do you have thermal compound on the cpu die? If so it may be an excessive amount, or the heatsink isn't making good contact with the cpu. Even with the Intel hsf 49c would be uncommon without overclocking and increased Vcore.
You'll probably want to try and get some more cooling would be my guess. But you have to remember guys these aren't Intel these are AMD's funaces 50C+ isn't uncommon they can operate @ 80C. Just my 2 cents.

My TB 800 is overclocked to 1000 and it is running between 44 and 47c, using a FOP38 (very Noisy fan though I think that I can get use to it), and cheep grease. I first tried that stupid Super ORB and it ran between 47 and 55c. Without grease it ran at over 63c.
I still havent lapped the heat sink yet, and I am not sure if the artic silver will help much but I am also going to try it.