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Overclocks hideout says not to buy from them, go to Danger Den instead.

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Feb 4, 2001
After waiting a week to here back on 3 e-mails that I sent to Overclockers hideout, I got tired of waiting and called their 1 800 number. I recieved a message saying the service was not available<I guess its only a 1800 for people who live within the States>. I then found an ICQ number for someone over there and had a chat with them. Here's a copy of the chat. I was somewhat disapointed in the response.

MsNath: (12:59 PM) Hello, I had a question about Overclockers Hideout

GE: (12:59 PM) hello, what is your question?

MsNath: (1:00 PM) I know your not listed under there sales department but I have sent them 3 e-mails in the last week and have gotten no response from them. My current question is in regards to the
shipping fees.

MsNath: (1:00 PM) they want to charge me $30 buck for overseas shipping

MsNath: (1:00 PM) I live in Canada

GE: (1:00 PM) what do you want to know about the shipping?

MsNath: (1:00 PM) Is there anyway they can ship me a block via regular ground post?

MsNath: (1:01 PM) I need a modo water block. The cost of shipping is more than a block...

GE: (1:02 PM) no tracking number that way... that is why they use UPS....

they can track the package and find out exactly where it is. Plus there have been many retailers send stuff to Canada and it mysteriously gets lost....

MsNath: (1:03 PM) A mobo block is 24.99 I can't justify spending 30 bucks to ship it. Danger Den can ship up here for 10 bucks, however, their blocks don't look as nice. :)

GE: (1:04 PM) OCH only uses UPS so I don't know a good way to get around the shipping...

I guess go with Danger Den then?

MsNath: (1:04 PM) Great customer service. Thanks

I think I am going to take his advice, after all how can you argue with a company that would rather send you to its competion than try and work around a minor problem.
I have been very happy with my block from BeCool....nice finish, maze design internally, and was lapped to perfection when I got it....
Geez the couldn't mail it to you. No.That would be too difficult. BeCooling has been nice and quick. Nylon barbs aren't so bad.
DangerDen is the only one who test their blocks to 1000psi, what more can you say.
Read up on www.borderfree.com. It might help for some hardware purchases.
Brian at BE Cooling is one of the nicest guys on earth. He'll do anything to make you happy. Plus his new block is nice.....exactly like the Danger Den Socket A block.....and Brian's is polished even more. So, I got nothing against Danger Den, but Brian has made a severe impression on me....and that says alot when building customer relations.