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Overclunkin the BD7

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Sep 4, 2001
Got my BD7r and doing the oclockin. Also bought the Sunflower to aid in my quest. Experiences so far:

FSB=110; ddr266@2:5:2:2; PCI fixed>>>> runs Q3a @1024 max settings=206fps

FSB=120; ddr200@2:5:2:2; PCI fixed>>>>runsQ3a @1024 max settings=198fps

Operating temps with 1.8 Northie= unloaded 26c 42c; loaded 30c 48c with room temp at 22c.

1. Why are my operating temps so high? -ASII applied according to manufacturer's directions.
2. What are considered the more likable settings by this board?

1.8a hits 2.55

New benches at new settings:

FSB/MEM=133/133; DDR@2:5:2:2; [email protected]; vid oc'd to 325/650
>>Sisoft 2002 memory scores 1951/1883, CPU 4515 1419/2931
Quake 1.17 demo001=217.3

FSB/MEM=138/138, [email protected]; others same
>>memory scores 2029/1961, CPU 4640 1472/3037
Quake= 227

FSB/MEM=142/142; [email protected]; others same
>>memory scores 2089/2014, CPU 4808 1510/3133

Otherwise no boot yet above 142 FSB.

Note that all scores increased @142 except Quake FPS dropped. Is repeatable so far. Max temps at 21c is 52c.

Still wondering about temps on previous post.

I don't know why anyone hasn't already responded to your post?
But I'll give it a shot, owning a BD7-raid and a P4 1.7 Willy.

First you want as much memory bandwithwith as possible. P4's like the all the bandwith they can get, or so it is said.

I didn't see where you posted which Sandra Prog you was using, or if it was Sandra, but I am using Sandra 2002.

With my memory oc'ed oc'ed 18 mhz over the 133/266 BIOS setting, (cpu oc ='s 2040.) I can manage benchmarks scores of around 2360 in Sandra. This seems quit a bit higher than what you were getting. BUT, I can't oc my cpu because of problems with Abit's mobos! :mad:

Now if I use the 100/200 BIOS settings for my ram, I can oc my ram up about 127 mhz, putting my cpu to 2159. But my memory benches goes down the gutter with scores in the 1850 to about 1900 range. To compare actual performance differences between the two ram bandwiths, I would suggest trying several games, similar to what you have already done. I know on 3DM2k1, it made about 1000 points difference with it.

As for your temps, I am running an AVC Sunflower, and my temps run pretty high. Higher than yours. Idle is about 50C and full load, I have seen them to 65C. When I was running my BL7, with the same cpu and h/f, my temps were about 5-5C cooler for some reason.