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Overwatch FPS Issue

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Mar 28, 2017
can anyone help with my GPU under performance in Overwatch?
Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43
CPU: AMD FX 8320 8 Core 3.5 GHz
Memory: 8GB DDR3
GPU: RX 470
OS: Windows 7 x64

http://puu.sh/tFM1V/bda82e471d.png This is what GPU usage looks like in MSI afterburner.

All my drivers are up to date, my temperatures are fine, the only thing I've noticed is the GPU drops. If theres any other screenshots or anything like that needed let me know, I've been dealing with this problem for months and have yet to find an answer on reddit, blizzard forums, or anywhere else.
I think HWinfo supports graphs if you click on the lines. Mind installing that opening a graph for each core and seeing if they drop under 3.5ghz while in overwatch? I'm concerned the Mobo might be throttling the CPU due to power delivery issues.
Could you put your computer into high-performance power mode in Windows, and disable cool and quiet, then rerun the test? I want to see if your CPU is throttling, and can't tell without those disabled.
Clean out as much dust as possible, you may need to downclock your CPU to keep temps down. Ultimately it would be best if you could pickup a new heatsink
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How would you recommend cleaning out the inner gills of the heatsink? Compressed air doesn't really seem to get everything out of there.

and is there any CPU coolers you would recommend?
Depends how much you want to spend and how much room you have in your case. A decent-ish budget cooler is the 212 EVO, but it's fairly tall. Compressed air works be for the fins. Might be easier if you remove it, but if you take it off make sure you have some thermal paste.
May want to get some direct air on the Vrm section of that board. I'd bet they're hot hot hot.
Compressed air as in "air compressor." Those aerosol cans may not provide enough pressure.

The Cryorig H7 is shorter than the Coolermaster Hyper 212 evo, cools a little better and is about the same price. $35 US at Egg. It's a better choice with cases that have limited distance to the side panel.