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P.S. for a peltier

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DocClock aka MadClocker

Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Stockton Cal, USA, Earth
I am wondering, if anybody out there has tried to use an old power sup from a external disk drive to run a peltier cooler...I have an old comador disk drive, that is of no use, and was wondering if it has enough to run a 72 watt pelt....if it works, then it would solve a few prob's and people might not have to buy a new p.s. to run their pelt's...I would try it, but I need to wait till I can "justify" the expence of buying a peltier kit, for my alpha.
If anybody has tried this I would be interested in how it worked,or not.
Later everybody :)
For being a moderator, you sure have a piss poor atitude, and why shouldn't it go into a general disscussion? or even hardware for that matter? I have been checking this forum for a while and I have to say that you are some of the rudest people I have ever come across.
All I'm doing here is trying to help people out, by getting the max out of their comp, and all I get is negative feedback.
I like others sometimes come up with great ideas, but we are hindered by you so called moderators, coming up with new topics, and moving the posts. I think you should take a course in diplomacy, because you are pissing people off by your bad attitude. I'm not sure I will return to this site, and I will certainly not recomend it .
I'd have to side with Dan on this one. The subjects that go in general are things that don't clearly fit in other places. I might even say your post would go in hardware if their wasn't a cooling section.
As far as the rudeness, I don't see what you mean. I've never know anyone around here (I'm sure there were a few) to yell at others or do simmilar things... and these are probably the most laid back moderators I have seen. At least they don't ban you just for disagreeing with them. I guess you could say I'm rude too... don't know why you would, but then again I don't know why you'd say they are either. Just some thoughts.

i make it my buisness to not piss off the moderators i suggest you try also.....i have had nothing but possitive come out of here and this is the 1st negative thing ive seen
Jeez, Madclocker, relax. Dan's not out to get you, and he's not just running around cleaning up after you, he's trying to help. By posting your question under the proper topic, you maximize your chances that someone will read it and respond in a meaningful way.

If I'm looking to talk about Peltier power supplies, I'm going to go to the Cooling section, not General Discussion. The topics are there to organize things for your benefit.

Everybody here is only interested in helping you or benefiting from your knowledge.

Read your own signature.
I was hoping to read the reply to this post. I have to cool two 80w pelts so the psu I use has to be a little beefier.
I'm not familiar with PS's that powered Commodore external HDD's. That said, I doubt that it's enough. Modern IDE drives draw ~15 Watts at start-up. Three of them need 45 Watts. Far less than a 72 Watt Peltier.
This little PSU you are talking about should list it's amperage (most likely in rather small mA's) on it's label. I'd bet it only puts out about 1 amp, which is not nearly enough.

PS- Ease up on Dan. He is just doing what he gets paid to do. How would you like it if I went down to your work place and started bad mouthing you in front of your clients/customers ? When Dan reads what you posted, that is how he will feel. Please be more considerate in the future. Thanks :)