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Nov 20, 2007
Fburg, VA
Wow does this WU run hot...
HFM doesnt seem to know what it is lol.

[05:23:35] Project: 10101 (Run 133, Clone 9, Gen 0)
[05:23:35] Assembly optimizations on if available.
[05:23:35] Entering M.D.
[05:23:42] Working on p4744_lam5w_300K


Senior Member
May 10, 2009
That's good news really, it's better utilizing the GPU.
Course if you were running close to the red, it might not be quite so good :p


Jan 9, 2002
they are using more gpu but lower ppd?

9800 GT
Min. Time / Frame : 00:01:55 - 4,117.1 PPD
Avg. Time / Frame : 00:01:57 - 4,046.8 PPD

GTS 250
Min. Time / Frame : 00:01:32 - 5,146.4 PPD
Avg. Time / Frame : 00:01:32 - 5,146.4 PPD
Cur. Time / Frame : 00:01:33 - 5,091.1 PPD

GTX 285
Min. Time / Frame : 00:00:53 - 8,933.4 PPD
Avg. Time / Frame : 00:00:53 - 8,933.4 PPD
Cur. Time / Frame : 00:00:56 - 8,454.9 PPD

default shaders on all cards


Senior Fold-a-holic
Sep 22, 2004
Similar... but shaders at 1566...

 Project ID: 10101
 Core: GROGPU2
 Credit: 548
 Frames: 100

 Name: nVidia GPU - GTX275
 Number of Frames Observed: 260

 Min. Time / Frame : 00:00:54 - 8,768.0 PPD
 Avg. Time / Frame : 00:00:55 - 8,608.6 PPD
 Cur. Time / Frame : 00:00:56 - 8,454.9 PPD
 R3F. Time / Frame : 00:00:56 - 8,454.9 PPD
 All  Time / Frame : 00:00:57 - 8,306.5 PPD
 Eff. Time / Frame : 00:00:58 - 8,163.3 PPD


Senior Member
Apr 12, 2004
they are using more gpu but lower ppd?

WU values are based on the time it takes to fold on the benchmark machine, not how much gpu or cpu gets used. If you posses a HD3850 running on X2 4000+, your ppd willl never vary, despite large variances in gpu utilization between WUs. It's benched out . Run on different hardware, the variances in WUs appear.


Mar 12, 2007
I saw 85C on my 8800GT. Dropped the overclock and bumped up the fan to 100%. It got back to the low 80's. No EUE's though :D. I think this card needs a cleaning before another round of this type of wu.

And I also saw about 4000 PPD on that card too. I'm currently getting my average 3700PPD on 5912. So I saw a little bump in PPD at the cost of heat.


Sep 20, 2007
These P10101 WU,s

Certainly dont like the Gigabyte 8800GT 256MB Card EUE,s every-time even underclocked from stock setting and Fan100% and are getting up around 80-88C

Had to also shut Down GTX-295 was way to hot at stock settings was also over 80C fan 90% to loud otherwise, most other WU,s 60 -70C


Sep 15, 2008
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
I'm not getting excessive heat as some have stated, my issue is that they are EUE'ing at a rate that I've never seen before. I have since restored one 9800GT that was the culprit to stock to see what happens. I have also received 2 EUE's in the last couple of days on my GTX260-216 which has never EUE'd for the past year. It seems to me that this project is a fragile one. :shrug: Too bad it takes over all three cards at times.:cry: Oh, I've also gotten unstable_machine and NAN errors too on hardware that has been stable for a year.