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Dec 12, 2002
Sacramento, CA
I'm just curious as to how good of a folder it is? Judging by Stanford's Project Summary page, it looks like it'd be a killer folder!

It is worth a whopping 249 points! Yet, they list the deadline and preferred time to complete as 37 and 25 days! When you compare that to pretty much all of the other projects they have listed, the time to complete is quite a bit less than others' of similar point value.

p695_L939_WT_Nat_444K 397 45.00 66.00 235.00 400 TINKER
p735_Protein 16055 47.00 71.00 256.00 100 GROMACS
p678_L939_K12M_355K 393 46.00 68.00 242.00 400 TINKER
p1111_L939_wt_ext_444K 397 25.00 37.00249.00 400 TINKER

Like I said, I haven't been fortunate enough to receive one of these monsters (sometimes I second-guess the -advmethods flag), so if any of you have gotten one, would you mind replying and letting me know how good of a folder it is?



Jan 17, 2004
Greensboro, NC
I've done 2 of them. I can't give you any specific numbers on this, but I will say that it folded faster and produced better ppw than any of the 230-242 point Tinkers. I wouldn't mind getting more.

EDIT: Sorry, it was actually one p1110 and one p1112, both 249 points. I imagine they will run close to the same as p1111.


Oct 19, 2003
I'm doing a p268_ch3oh right now and it's worth a little over 200 points, but it takes forever. I can get most WUs done in 1-2 days, but this one is only 25% complete after 3 days!