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P3 1 GHZ cooling suggestions needed

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Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
I had to tinker with the stock intel hsf and think I'll have to replace it. Since I have to replace it, I mind as well think big.

With $40 (as the cap with shipping) I am willing to spend on cooling (already got good case mods/fans), what HSF combo (links please) would you recommend?

Will the P3 hsf at Coolerguys work? Pep, Flop?? :)
Bender (Jul 12, 2001 11:30 a.m.):
Kingslayer (Jul 12, 2001 08:50 a.m.):
I'd put my money on the PEP.

Agreed the pep is great. Later on you might even play around with an Aircooled peltier.

Thanks for the suggestion...

Peltier would be a waste (blasphemy!!) on this mobo, it doesn't go past 150mhz (ugh!.. I could go so much higher with this chip, too)... if I didn't screw with my intel heatsink, I wouldn't even need more cooling since the chip never really gets hot enough to worry.

I'm pondering the awesome magnitude of the Pep, price is right but it seems a bit excessive for my needs... but it would be cool to have (pun intended :)).
I opted for the ALPHA PAL6035MFC Kit $35.95, with the YS Tech -- 26 CFM (Little Noise) fan.

Thanks to all for the feedback.