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P3 933 w/swiftech mc370-0a too hot

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I have a asus cusl2c with p3 933 with a swiftech mc370-0a and for some reason, the temp sensors say 30 C idle to 56 C after heavy load. I'm not sure whats wrong because this was suppossed to be a nice cooler. Could the temp sensor be bad? The cooler never gets hot if I touch it. If I overclock to 1015 MHZ, pretty much the same scenario. It's idle at 30 C but 56-58 C under Loads. Is this normal?
I'm not familiar with their products, but it's a pelt and heatsink- right? If the heatsink isn't warm then the pelt isn't running, or the heatsink isn't making contact with it. The pelt should heat it up by itself plus the cpu heat. If the pelt isn't working, it's just acting as a poor heatsink since the pelt wouldn't conduct heat very efficiently without being active.
Thanks for the help. I'm not sure if thats the problem. It's an air cooler with a heatsink. When it's running and I put my hand on it, the heatsink is cold..but the temp readout still says 40 C.
Ok- so it's not an active cooler- if it is very cool to the touch that means the thermal contact with the cpu is poor. Some heatsinks are not made very well, and are not flat on the bottom- I wouldn't expect that from them, though. The other possibilities are:

Not seated squarely due to a capacitor or other obstruction. (the locking arm on the socket can cause this as well)

Excessive thermal compound, or compound + the crappy little thermal pads some manufacturers like to install.

Lack of thermal compound.
Alan, I don't think there is anything wrong with your cooler. My 933 on an intel board with a CoolerMaster DP56h51 runs idle at 31C and about 42 at load. Yours sounds about right to me. Hope this helps, Larry
Thanks for the info....My cpu has a little square protruding out from the front (I think all coppermine sockets do). Could that be the problem? Do I need a copper spacer shim? Has anyone tried one of those?