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P3 or Celeron

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Dec 18, 2001
Duluth, MN
I can only get my P3 850 to overclock to 980 Mhz, and I guess this is all I can get from a cB0. I was thinking of asking a friend of mine to trade the chip for his 900 Celeron. He doesn't overclock, and a P3 850 would sound better than a Celeron 900. I'm pretty sure that his will do 1200 if overclocked. I don't want to ask him to trade if it won't be worth it. So my question is, which is better, an P3@980 or a Celeron@1200?
id say theyere about the same speed in normal apps (games, word, etc.) but if you fold or crunch Seti the Celeron will be faster
Aslong as you have high 120 FSB options, PCI divider gets to 4...
You have PC133 RAM, then go for it.
got a 900 that does 133FSB easy... still working to get past 138FSB (keeping all my BIOS setting to max, speedy)

the 133FSB (vs 100 for the 850)will make up for the lost cache.

So i'd say go fot it, but what do i know, i got a talking banana for an aviator
The Celeron would be resonably faster.

It would probably hit 133fsb (1200mhz), with good cooling and components. Regardless of the cache there's a good speed gap, and a good FSB gap.

My Celly 900 cD0 does 133, but I need to get some better cooling for it, temps around 38-40C right now with the stock Intel HS and a Papst 33cfm on top.

And the Celly whoops the pants off my PIII@900 when it comes to folding!
check the database, and read a few posts on this before you trade...the 900's were hit and miss @ 1200...some did it, more did not. I had a 900 that took an act of congress to get it stable @ 1200, and I have never had a chip that put me through so much stress...on the upside, almost all were good for at least 1.1, @ 124...for whatever that is worth. Just my opinion...
funnyperson1 said:
id say theyere about the same speed in normal apps (games, word, etc.) but if you fold or crunch Seti the Celeron will be faster
seti rulez.......
celeron @1200........
it's better .............
you can do some bench!!!......
When I had the Celeron 900, it can do 1200mhz out of the box

and you can probably get it to run at 1333mhz as well if you can get it up to 2.0v

I would definitely make the trade
Vantec something or other. I got it for free with a 60mm 38cfm delta. Temps of 35c load. Lapped of course. Get rid of that stock HSF, use it on the video card or something.
hoytron said:
it's not about money

Well said. My celly 900 is the best overclocker out of the ones I have. The 800 will do 133 FSB on a rare occasion, but not always. It's a weird chip, somedays it'll go to 1066, and run fine until I try and reboot for some reason, and then it won't even boot. Ahh well, such is life I geuss.
i'd say money IS an issue, why? why don't you simly sell your chip and get something better in return?

Spring break!! all the top off..:D even my puter?! yeah! good bo be a college student!