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P3 temps with a PEP 66t

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Dec 18, 2000
This is something of an informal statistical post.
What I would like to know is from anyone that is using a pep66 on a p3
A. what speed is your cpu acutally running at.
B. what voltage is your cpu running at.
C. if your running a 700, what is the answer to a and b at 933 mhz
D. the rest of your basic specs, re: mobo, vid, case cooling.
E. do you use the pads provided with the pep66
I'll bump this. I'm going to be putting a PEP66 on a P3700 and will be very interested to see some of the responses to this survey.
here we go
a. 1001 at the moment, 1050 in the middle of winter
b. 1.85(i think i said 1.9 in another post, but i doublechecked, with all the tweaking it's hard to remember what it was set to last :)
c. i got it to [email protected]
d. be6-II 1.0, generic pc133 ram@cas3, msi geforce 2 gts, linksys network everywhere 10/100 card, aureal sq2500, clabs dxr3, a 130cfm ystech blowin on my cards, 2 sunon 80mm HO's in the top rear, delta blacklabel fan on the pep, plenty of vents cut out, i got a bay cooler i turn on and off at times
e. the little pad things? nahh, i cut 'em off for use with a pelt, which i wound up not usin anyway

and btw, i get like 32-36 degrees at full load usin arctic silver on it
A. 820MHz, 125MHz FSB (It's a PIII 650E)
B. 1.8v
C. pass :)
D. Abit BF6, IWill slocket II, GF1 DDR, 2 80mm case fans, thin HD cooler, PSU fan blowing out. (it's winter so me case cooling is quite tame for lower noise, more fans in the summer :))
E. yep