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P4 1.8a with ABIT KH7II now what type of ram to get?

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Mar 28, 2002
OK i now know to go with a 1.8a northwood processor and a ABIT TH7II. So what do i do about ram? Ive been looking and i have 1 question. Samsung or Kingston. If i go with samsung i have 2 options. but what do they mean. 8 and 16 device. can some1 tell me what samsung means by 8 and 16 device for the RDRAM.

Also what should i do for a Good HSF. I would like to achive atleast 2.5ghz

This will be my new ultimate gammers dream machine.
1.8a OCed to whatever i can. GeForce 4 TI4400, i just dont see an extra $100 for the 4600. I dont think the 4600 is worth another $100. Sound blaster audigy, 512 rdram, WD 120gig.
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on my son's box we have a PIII600b with 256mb of samsung pc800,and I have not oc'ed it,but it still kicks some major booty,for what it is,it also has an Intel VC820 mobo.

so I like the samsung ram.

when rd first came out,Intel suggested using only samsung ,on it's mobo's..
there is my .02. :)
The number of memory devices(chips) 8 or 16 per stick.


The main drawback of RDRAM is its high latency. However, today's chipsets such as the Intel i850 employ buffering, prefetch and other techniques to effectively "hide" the latency and reduce its performance penalty. Each additional RDRAM device on the bus increases the bus length and therefore latency. Thus from a performance standpoint, purchasing an 8-device RIMM would be preferential to purchasing a 16-device RIMM.
i had no idea thats how rdram worked, thx for the heads up placid

BTW i see u have a 1.8a OCed to 2450, is it really easy to OC those P4s and what do u have for cooling?
Depends on the individual cpu.
Mine needs 1.65v for 2400 stable and 1.70v for 2448.
I just use the stock heatsink with arctic silver 2 instead of the stock pad.