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p4 1.8a

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New Member
Nov 13, 2002
I have a p4 1.8a cpu and asus p4T-E motherboard with 2*128 pc800 Rdram. I see people with near or over 3Ghz with the same board and Rdram. But the highest value was 2400 was for me. I am a rookie and need help? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
this is not a bad OC...maybe you have an old 1.8a.

yet what is your core voltage???

try to raise the voltage, yet don't go past 1.75v for long turm usage.

by the way, what is your temps?

full load 33 degree celcius and vcore is 1.5 but i can not boot after 133 fsb whatever the voltage is
There is no way your full load CPU temp is 33 degrees. That sounds more like system temp or CPU idle temp. You probably need better cooling to start out with. Like Mica says, adjust your memory down to the lower "3X" setting in the BIOS. If you have an older 1.8a, then 2.5 gig is probably about the best you can hope for. The newer 1.8a will often hit 2.7 gig. Not many 1.8a CPUs will reach 3 gig unless they are the new stepping or the optical shrink core.
definately 3x on your rdram and up the voltage on the chippy.

just don't look at my sig. :p
hey my load temps max out at 34c. But my bios says that im overclocked to 2.66 but all the benchies say im still at stock. What is going on here, do i neeed t oupgrade my bios or what?!?!