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p4 1.8a

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New Member
Mar 28, 2002
i have a problem, i just bought a asus p4b266 and a p4 1.8a processor. i cant run it at anything more than 1.8, or it becomes unstable :/ is there 'guides' to see what divders i can use with the fsb? i mean i dont know what it divides with if i run, say 120 FSB on the asus board, there are just something called 1:1 and 3:4, what is that? :) any feedback is appreciated :) and, would i earn something from 'burning-in' my cpu?


well, i need to know what 1:1 is and 3:4.. since i Dont know that. someone recommend something :)
The 1:1 and 3:4 is the memory to FSB ratio setting. For example, if you have PC2100 memory (DDR266) and are running at default FSB of 100MHz FSB, then you want your ratio set to 3:4 so that your memory will be running at (100 X 4)/3 = 133MHz X 2 (for DDR) = 266MHz or PC2100. If you overclock to 133MHz FSB then you want to use the 1:1 ratio setting so that you memory and FSB will run in sync, unless you have memory that can run at (133 X4)/3 = 177MHz X2 (for DDR) = 354MHz or PC2800 memory. Your manual should have an explanation of these settings in it.