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p4 2.0a b0 stepping - does it suck

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May 6, 2003
K i'm kinda screwed with this processor. cant get it to go above 2.3 (115fsb) dont know whats wrong, but its probably the mobo and/or ram. temps are NOT a problem

soltek sl85drv3
crucial micron pc2100

i tried vcore up to 1.75 and its still crashing at anything higher than 115fsb. 115 with stock voltage is rock solid. btw, i increase fsb using cpufsb, since my mobo is retarded and doesnt let you change fsb with jumpers/bios.

i tried increasing ram timings voltages etc and still no good

just wondering if theres any hope of getting more life out of this proc... if i cant get much im trashing this POS and getting 2.4c


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
Sounds like it's more the mobo that's the POS. If you don't have adjustable FSB, then I'm betting you can't "fix" the PCI to default. If that's the case, then anything above 115 FSB is running your PCI bus too far out of spec. On the other hand, it that's an older 2.0A, then 2.4 to 2.5 is about all they're good for anyway. Maybe it's time for a nice new Canterwood mobo and 2.4C. Putting a 2.4C on that mobo would be silly, you'd never get it to even run at default speed.


Oct 3, 2002
Louisiana Tech University
I have a 2.0a B0 that goes to 2.66 with 1.55v actual. My bet is that your problem is one of your PCI cards or maybe your video card is holding you back because it doesn't like having an AGP bus of about 77mhz.


Feb 15, 2003
My 20a is running at 3.0Ghz / 150mhz on IC7-G , at 1.675V and of course it's prime stable :)

I don't know if it can go more , as it is my first day with the IC7-G and i havent tested it enough yet ;)


Feb 2, 2003
my 2.0a b0 is @ 2.52 @ 126fsb
stable as hell
the mobo wont let me go further cuz i dont got voltage adjustment so i stuck with 2.52 on default vcore
but im happy with my sys :D
im with oc 24/7 for 6 months or so :D
no prob so far


Nov 18, 2002
i had a b0 steppd 1.8 reach 2.4 @ 1.675 vcore,, b0 stepps are bad but their are a few occcasional good ones,, but the best ones are the c1 stepped,, especially the old skoo sl6rz's the newer ones tends to become worse w/every new fpo date,, i had my 2.4 sl6rz fpo 3306 hit 3.2 @ 1.575 vcore,, but my 2.4c 3.3 @ def vcore =),, but either way it could be ur mobo or even the limitations of the proc,, u never know till u upgrade =)