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P4 2.66 at 3.59Ghz Vapo PhaseChange LianLi converstion

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Sep 18, 2002
MANY more Pictures here


i can run at 3.560~ totally stable w/ 1.68v (1.62~1.68).. 3450 at 1.58 volts rock stable. voltage fluctuates about .4v on this board, but its pretty stable... not as bad as my Epox 4g4a

my MB only gives me 2.7 vdimm which is totally holding me back.

also, at 3450Mhz i run the vapoPE compresser at only 50% fan speed and hold temp at -18C

max under load is 11C -10C idle at any speed on core.
-30 evap and -20C under load.
yea we do :D


where did you get your vapochill stuff from. how many watts does the vapochill use?
you need to worry about Amps, not Watts if your gonna run the vapo off your main psu. the PE model which i have draws a max of 8 amps i think, off the 12v rail. an AntecTrue power 550 or 480 does the job fine as they have 22 to 24amps available on the 12v rail... i run the vapo off an old 300 watt Powerman psu that only has 11 amps on the 12v rail, but this psu is dedicated to only running the vapochill unit. i wired both psu's to startup at the same time when i hit the power button. works good.

the vapo PE model it 600 to 650.00 dollars.. but as you see i didnt like the case so i ripped it out of there.. :)

and leave my gf alone :)

(ill post another pic of her up there later today when i get home from work, just dont tell her)
johnnyw said:
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umm... do you assume that just because im an engineer /"computer geek" i cant have a nice looking girlfriend?

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btw, how did my website seem? i need to know if i should expand the bandwidth so the page loads faster..?
Warlord2 said:
I didnt think I would ever say this but, that chick rates higher than that unit:eek: