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P4 2.8 Overclocked to 5.25GHz!?

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I think it's a photochop. I dont see how a 2.8 could stay up long enough to get that benchmark even with like LN2 cooling.

However maybe if the guy could build his own proprietary parts, maybe it's possible.
Seems photoshoped. Look at all the numbers. They are centered in their box, but the [CPU] FSB speed isn't. It's not in the middle of it's box, it's more to the left.
Seems unlikely. But might technically be possible with an amazing chip.

I don't know about the date on that CPUID screen shot though. This guy really fiddled with that setup for four days without a CMOS clear?
dude look at the date or ? january 4 or ? april 1 ? i dont think 2.8 was out then.. or is that what nookien is talkin about and not the date of when it was taken
That looks pretty fake to me. While it would seriously kick *** to have a CPU that fast, I doubt it's for real.
obviously a fake.

comeon... 250mhz??? i doubt the northbridge could even take it. :rolleyes:
definitely a fake!
I copied to PSP and magnified.
I took a shot of my system with CPUID and counted the pixels on either side of the # produced up to the edge of the boxes. Everything seems to be centered. Now if you look at the system bus of 1000.00 of their screen shot it is not even close to being centered.
look at the lines to the right of all the questionable numbers. they are a little smudged. unless that is my crappy kvm switch doing a number on my eyes. could someone confirm this please?
Not hard to fake those. It just took me a couple of minutes to do some calculations and change my actual screen shot.