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P4 Alpha Pal 8942T (HORRIBLE) Don't buy it

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Feb 2, 2002
New York
I've been working with my P4 1.6A for about 2 weeks now.. I've got it stable at 2655MHz...(1.79v) using Not bad right? As a temporary cooler I took the surprisingly nice intel stock cooler and modded it with a 38CFM delta fan. I figured this would be good until I got a "real cooler" So under full load I got a temp of 48C.. I ordered the Alpha Cooler thinking it was One of the best next to the swiftech, but I didn't wanna spend $75+ for a cooler since the Alpha performs just the same(so everyone says and every review I read said the same). I also picked up a 50CFM sunon 80mm fan for it.. I figured if 38CFM have me 48C with the stock cooler, I get around 43C with the "Baddest Cooler" and a 50CFM fan... well not so.. I'm So F*cking ****ed.. I get 49C with the Alpha and a 50CFM FAN!!!! Come on.. Why did I spend all that money? A "better" quality cooler with copper and a more powerful fan give me 49C?? ok.. If anyone is looking for a cooler don't buy the Alpha Trust me.. just stick a 38CFM delta on the stock cooler and you'll be set.. As for me.. I wish I could get my money back.. but it's not worth the trouble.. And for those of you thinking.. yes I put it on right.. And I'm using Arctic Silver III....
hmm... funny that you "did everything right" and yet are the ONLY person (that I have seen) who has done this badly with this cooler. Perhaps you should try "doing everything right" again to see if the results are the same. Put the system together on your kitchen table and muck with it till it works right.
Also... The fan is supposed to suck the air from the heatsink. Perhaps this was part of your error
Overclocker456 said:
(so everyone says and every review I read said the same).....

I havent even seen a review on a Alpha PAL8942 (mPGA478)

Alpha's are some of the finest crafted heatsinks made being cold forged and all

Can you point me to a review that you've come across? as I did a google search and didnt see any.
Sorry about that welcome Overclocker 456 and I say WELCOME TO THE FORUMS.

And that is one high overclock and it seems that you might not be able to get it cooler without water. There is just so much a fan can do at those speeds. I wouldnt blame the HSF. You can pick up the Thermalright AX7 for 30 dollars and throw that Sunon fan on it and I bet you can get those temps down.

Sorry about that I thought that the AX-7 would go on a p4 but i stand corrected.

The Thermaltake Volcano 7+ fits on a p4 and gets excellent reviews for 45 dollars.
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I tried both sucking and blowing.. blowing give me 1C better performance. 49C blowing, 50C sucking.. The reviews that I read in forums all over the net.. Maybe in made a great heatsink and all it needs is a powerful fan... and as a matter of fact, I did the work on my kitchen table.. twice. :0)..
Cool... Sorry to imply anything. I didn't see that high overclock! Whoa! I have a couple of theories. Perhaps the delta put more air pressure right over the core where it needed to be. I always thought that the PAL's worked well with low speed fans, but maybe something in the range of 50-65 cfm would do better. Regardless, that is an excellent overclock. If it's stable, I wouldn't mess much with it. Look at it this way... It's much quieter.
Yeah quieter you say, well with a fan adapter I also modded the 50CFM fan on the Stock cooler which gave quieter..lol And just for a note with my window open.. I can overclock to 2.8GHz stable.. but only when it's like 32F outside..