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P4 C1 OC'g, trying to decide which one

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Mar 3, 2002
I bought some corsair 3500, going to get a granite bay...I have a vapochill.

Due to the P4's being clock locked and the GB having only 1:1 mem ratio I'm not sure which CPU to get.

Just curious what kind of results people are getting with overclocked c1's.

To max out my memory I would most likely want a 2.4 c1 I think, but I would also like to achieve a high overclock, so I'm just curious what you all have observed.

Any advice appreciated. With a 1:1 ratio only possible, I think my only option is, how far do I think I can clock whatever chip I buy...ie how far can the "average c1" chip go...

Meaning, the lower speed chip I choose, the higher I can clock my memory...due to lower locked multipliers on the CPU...I'm hoping to reach at least 3.6 ghz
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Hi & welcome to the forums.

If you absolutely sure that 1:1 mem is your only option....then you have to pick a 533 fsb chip.
I believe that a 2.26 C1 stepping would be the best choise.
It has the lowest available multi (17x)....so you can aim for a high fsb (i had mine@[email protected] on a Prometeia).
So in that case your ram will work @DDR374 and with more aggresive settings .....you will have a decent++ ram performance and a high clock speed (approx. 3.2GHZ)
Thanks for the reply,

Do you know of any retailers that are selling chips that they list as "c1" stepping?