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p4 & MSI 845Ultra questions, pls help...

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New Member
Mar 7, 2002
Hullo everyone,

Can anyone help me about this...I just got MSI 845Ultra-ARU, and I have ecountered the following 'glitch'.

Everything went fine (installation etc), but whenever I reset/restart the machine (not random reboot, but intentional resetting/restarting/rebooting), after the machine shuts down and is supposed to reboot, instead of rebooting, goes into 'suspend' mode (?) (There's no video signal, keyboard and reset switch dont function, tho Power Led on the case is still turned on) - I have to turn power off, and then turn it on again, and it works perfectly...

Any ideas whats this? (Tried to consult the handbook - power management etc, but didnt find anything useful)

My config: (Not overclocked at all)

p4 1.8a (@1.8a : ) ) w/ Intel retail HSF
TwinMOS PC2100 CL2.5 (2.5-3-3-7)
MSI 845Ultra-ARU
Chieftec Dragon DH-01W Case (300W)
Creative 3dBlaster GeForce 3 Ti 200 64
Old 5400rpm IBM 15.2 HDD

Nothing else plugged in at the moment...

Thx in advance..