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P4 Throttle Back?

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Mar 7, 2002
Wilkesboro, NC
At what temp does the P4 1.6a start throttling back?
Mine is at 116 F at idle and i have seen 131 F under load.
This is a P4 1.6a @ 2.3ghz 1.7volts with a case temp of 82 F and ambient temp arouund 77 F.

Please post in celius.

It should throttling back to what the mobo is set. Probably 60 Celius or 70 celius.

Your airflow seems pretty bad, with a case temp of like 80F that's blazing. I don't think its your fault though where ambient is 77F.

I think mine throttles somewhere between 60-65°C. I used Prime95 to test stability and the CPU temp stabilized at 61°C (case temp 32°C). I didn't know it was clockthrottling then but when I tried to play a game (with Prime95 still going at it) it was very choppy at times. The system crashed eventually.

All this was when I had the CPU OCed [email protected]. I've now set it on 1.6GHz and it seems stable so far (12 hours). BTW the computer is so superquiet now you can't hear it if you are more than one meter away from it. Just perfect for my SVCD/DVD viewing :)
According to Intel spec sheets the throttling diode (which is not the same as the diode which provides temps for the hardware monitor) throttles between 52-55C. The problem here is that the thermal diode which activates throttling is not located in the same place as the diode which provides temps for the hardware monitor, and what's more - it's in a location that is "prone to rapid temperature spikes." Basically it sounds as though the cpu could be throttling when the mobo says the temp is much lower than the required 52+.
Well I was using the wrong sensor in MBM for the CPU temp.
On my p4b266-c I had MBM set to use Asus 2 (culs2) for the CPU temp, since changing it to Asus 2 here are my temps.
Cpu Idle 30c Load 46c
System Temp 26c
Thats with a P4 1.6a @ 2.3 ghz @ 1.7 Volts
Not bad imo.

I was worried there for a while :cool: