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[email protected] I Need Your Help To Get It To Go Higher

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Jun 15, 2002
As title says need help it will do 127fsb but when u crank it to
133fsb windows wont boot it says some kinda error i think my
ram wont do 133mhz its centon 256mb pc 100 PLEASE HELP
I Dont Have Any Money To Upgrade Right Now So I Have To Stick With This Shiety SDRAM For A While Any Other Of You Guys Know What I Can Do To Get 2.4GHZ?
I Havent even did anything to the ram no timing so how do I do that Iam new to overclocking this is my first
I hate to say it, but you pretty much stuck. Maybe lower you ram timings to their slowest settings, crank up the voltage on the ram, and see what that can do.
there's really not much you can do, your ram isn't even name brand so it probably wouldn't run too much faster out of the specified speeds. And even if you overclock faster, it won't help because there's a bottleneck, your ram can fetch enough data to the cpu to be processed so your cpu can be running at 5.0Gs and it won't make a diff, the ram doesn't have the bandwidth to deliver. Sorry man, if you want to improve performance, you gotta get a new Motherboard, and new DDR ram, preferably some fast DDR, or when you have some dough, get some Dual Channel DDR.
without better memory the best you can hope for is that it burns in and with a little luck and winter temps you may get a little higher at best. do not turn up voltage to ram if your green at overclocking or you'll be making toast. like the guys said better ram is a must as well check out BIOS options to turn down memory settings but without bandwidth the extra mhz will not make much of a difference. But hey free mhz is always sweeet