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p4b-533e HT support answer

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Nov 10, 2002
Just got a reply to me e-mai re: HT. Text is below.

Dear customer:
Thanks for Contacting ASUSTeK.
Hyperthreading will be automatically enabled if the CPU supports it. With the new BIOS, you can see during POST the processor is now
recognized as CPU1 if the processor installed does not support Hyperthreading.
For any further problem,please feel free to let us know.

Best Regards,
ASUS Customer Service Center Shanghai

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of support and also ensure your return e-mail address is correct.
Undeliverable messages are deleted.

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([email protected]) Thanks a lot.

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From : td873
Sent : 2002/11/15 AM 09:02:08
To : "[email protected]"

How do I enable this (I have the 1011 bios).

read the email dude... the b0 stepping 2.4B is not offically supported as a HT enable chip...

The C1 stepping 3.06 is the only chip that Intel officlaly support as HT

rumors about the C1 stepping chip having the HT ability but it being disabled abound... but we'll see if someone does not figure out a trick to fool the bios in thinking that a 2.4B C1 is HT capable... and dont think that overclocking your chip to 3.06 will cut the grade... I already tried it
Just to be clear: I am NOT concerned with what is OFFICIALLY supported. If I was, I would not be a member of overclockers forum. What I am interested in is performance, and if UNOFFICIAL means get the job done, that's fine with me. I appreciate your input though.

Your comment has been noted, thanks again.
so you have of course read ristar's stuff about how he believes he accidently got HT enabled for 10 minutes?

everyone is keeping an eye/ear out for developments from him and some chap that can maybe code a bios hack?

I'm thinking that HT has been on the core since 478 northwoods have been around... the $$$ cost of retooling the production line and the R&D costs of altering the core would be huge... Intel have had HT on the cards for yonks...

If its as easy as a BIOS hack, then we just have to wait until those clever chaps who know assembley find the right POST flag.. otherwise it could well be as mysterious as an intel multiplyer lock.... which really sucks the snake