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P4B533E Voltages

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Jul 15, 2002
Hi people
So I have just "upgraded" my main rig from P4T-533 w RIMM4200 to (see sig) P4B-533E w XMS3000C2 (dont ask!)
I have got a 2.50C1 400FSB running in it, I installed windows at 120x25(3.00ghz) and 1.65vCore, all went fine, installed all my programs etc and seemed very stable, ran memtest from a floppy disk and got no errors, but tried Prime95 and you guessed it, it failed, after about 2 iterations!
Ive bumped up the vcore to 1.725v and popped MBM5 on there to monitor voltages, vcore looks a bit shaky (drops from 1.725 to 1.58 under load), +5V is 4.97, +3.3 is 3.31, but +12v is 11.2-11.4v a bit low I thought. I have an Enermax 550w PSU...
Anyway its still not stable(in Prime95 anyway) with 1.725v@3ghz but Ill put the overvoltage jumper on tomorrow and go for 1.825v and see what happens.

I would be interested to hear from others with this board, what are your voltages like? And what sort of overclocks are we seeing, anyone stable in Prime95 at 3ghz or more on air?
The only prob with the overvolt is that it plays a dumb tune through the PC speaker when the voltage goes up too high, you have to unplug it to stop it.

I think running above 1.7v on air may cause a bit too much heat. I am running 1.8v on water and it's CPU temp is about 40C (ambient about 25C).
lol, just unplugged my speaker this morning - what a pain!
Seems not even Prime95 stable using 1.85v (set to 1.825), it drops to 1.74 under load, maybe a pin mod will help but not keen to do that, Ill perhaps have to settle for 2.8ghz again :confused: I need a 2.53 or 2.66 C1 stepping for this board, and Im thinking my mate has a 2.53ES (dont know if unlocked yet) in his Intel board so he cant overclock it. I may buy a 2.53 then ask if he wants to swap!