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P4C800-E Deluxe help needed [Drive Based]

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New Member
Nov 2, 2003
Ok, this could potentially be a long post, so i'll apoligize now.

I'll talk you through events so you know what has happened.

I built my PC, turned it on the first time and it all worked fine the BIOS POST had no errors etc. I then go through the BIOS and start setting up all the options. I left most of them at default, cos i want to get the PC working on stock before i start any unnecesary tweaking. Anyway, i set the BIOS up and then saved it and exited and called it a night ready to install Wnidows XP the next day.

Today, i turn my PC today and i firstly see this message saying 'Promise detecting IDE drives... No IDE Drives connected to FastTrack Controller. Bios not installed.' or something to that effect. This gets me worried and then when this goes the PC tries to find something to boot from. It tries the Hard Drive and the Floppy but not the DVD-ROM, which i put top of boot priority list. So i think that there may be something wrong with how i've connected the drives to the motherboard.

As the PC wouldn't boot from the DVD drive i created a boot disk of windows 98SE hoping i could install this and then install Windows XP afterwards. The drive partitioned itself fine, but then when i came to format it i could only format 48gb of the 120gb SATA HDD

So, if anybody could help based on the list of events above it would be helpful or if you need anymore info then just ask


Dec 21, 2003
BIOS recognized my Plextor 708A DVD with no prblm.
Connected using cable provided to IDE2, jumpers set to Master.
Promise msg is the RAID controller, can be disabled in BIOS if your HD is on IDE1 for a faster boot. Check your physical connections again (with power off).


May 3, 2003
Cleveland, GA
Check all your connectors first. Then a list of all components as you have them configured would help considrably. I'm thinking that if you're using the serial drive, you might need to load the Fasttrack drivers. That shouldn't affect the DVD though. Check all connections and power cables. Do the items power up when you turn the system on?


Sep 29, 2002
also, I have found that taking the drives out of the bios helps. Just leave in the DVD rom. See if that works.
No floppy either.