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P4PE or BD7-II

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Apr 5, 2002
Barcelona, Spain

I'm getting a 2.4b chip, DDR 400Mhz from Corsair (XMS) and plan to overclock to at least 3.0 Ghz (or how much I can with the CoolerMasterIHC-L71 without going extreme).

I'm doubting whether to get the BD7-II or the ASUS P4PE.

The BD7-II is around the same price here as every other motherboard (175$). For some reason they all fluctuate around those prices.
To get a PE I'd have to wait a while or find a website that sells online to europe and that can ship in one week max. The Albatron mb is absolutely dirtcheap in the US (95$) so I could pay shipping. Problem: i haven't been able to find anyone willing to ship to europe.

the real issure here is whether or not the BD7-II will let me max out the 2.4b chip and the 400Mhz XMS memory from Corsair. If it does, then I can get it right away. If not, I'll have to wait a week or two for the P4PE to get here.

Please answer!


Sep 29, 2002
I got the P4PE, and untill the power supply ate the dust, It was all I could ask for in a motherboard, I had just gone through a month of bad motherboards, with the sis chipsets,,,i.e., the P4S333, and the P4S8X both had the same issues, and would not work right. The P4PE ran fine for a little while, then the power supply died.

Big Nuttz

Always one step ahead of jdmcnudgent
Jan 10, 2002
Toledo, Ohio
I'm considering this board for my next box. Its not a nightmare is it? That dang P4T533R is really trying my patience. Its why I'm thinking about a switch to DDR.


The devil’s advocate
Dec 23, 2001
Where the hottest chicks reside!
I've got P4PE (everything) and I love it, the only problem with this board is that it overvolts by 1v .. so I'm pretty sure next bios update will fix this .. You should really consider this board for future upgrades and better overclockability options rather than getting BD7II .. don't get me wrong tho', BD7II is an amazing board, but we're talking about 2 different chipsets here and more options :)