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P4PE - "voice" bootup messages help!

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New Member
Oct 4, 2002
London, England

Just built a new rig for my father using a P4PE - he's the one that can afford this sort of kit, and superb it is too - and I thought it would be a laugh to enable the vocal messages during the bootup process. But can I get the ****ing thing to work?? I've flashed the EEPROM several times to no avail.

Can some kind soul give me a "how to" on this.

Many thanks.

I was under the impression that the "vocal messages" were for warnings only??

Do you have a problem with your board??.. if not you won't here any warnings, vocal or otherwise......

No there are a couple saying things along the lines of "post OK" and "operating system loading". I'm just getting the usual "beep" sounds.
I tried a few different places,

I haven't figured it out yet either, but at one point in swapping out a P4PE, to the one I have now, I had changed the speaker wires somewhere on the board , then all of a sudden it worked, freaked me out, but it isn't in the place , down on the lower right side, where the manual says to put them....it was somewhere else on the board I beleive. sorry, there was so many things I tried when all that mess was going on, that I have them mixed in my mind, Oh, and don't expect to add any more then two sticks of 512 memory, that is all this board takes....... I was bummed......but it is still a good board.

P4PE 2.53 malay
1024mb 2100 samsung 512 memory
Radeon 9700 128mb
Audigy 2 Platinum w/digital 5.1's
this system kicks! next step is a good box to put it into witha window and lights......lol
Thanks for that - at least I know it CAN be made to work!

I'll bet it freaked you out if you weren't expecting it - I was hoping for the same effect on my father!

Spent another half hour trying to figure it out without any success. Why do Asus include the feature if they don't detail it properly in the manual?
I thought the same thing, try not hooking any speakeers at all up. I know it works, but not how, I was trying so MANY things to ge the board to work, I didnt expect it to say something, but THAT was it, I didnt hook the sound card up, just the wires to the speaker place, send me your phone number. or call me, at 1-916-448-2878
My P4S533's packaged CD came with 'Winbond' to show you the WAVs assignment in POST, and you could browse to find one of your own, it then writes it to it's EEPROM. I'm too lazy to fiddle with it. 8bit mono 22kHz