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P4T-E and PC1066

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Sep 25, 2001

For all you owners of the P4T-E I have a question for you. First off, the 1.8A I have installed runs like a charm at 2.4GHz (l133FSB) with a nudge in vCore to 1.525V.

Unfortunately, it appears the highest I can go and maintain the 4X memory multiplier, is 120MHz FSB. The speaker error code indicates the RAM cannot be detected at higher frequencies.

I would have suspected a boot, and maybe data coruption instead. Any thoughts ?

well, it depends on your clockgeneratorfor the memory on the P4T-E. If you´ve got the one from Cypress you will hardly get more than 120 Mhz FSB, If you have the clockgen from ICS it will be able to do PC1066 AND PC1200 specifications.

If you can´t go higher than 120 at the moment you have the one from Cypress or your RAM is simply not good enough.

The clockgen is placed next to the memory-slots.

Thanks for the reply.
Well, I did hand pick the mother board, and it does have the ICS clock generator. Unfortunately, it appears the stability ceiling of my RIMMS is right at 488MHz (122MHz FSB). Bummer, I was really hoping for the magical 533MHz.

Where is this chip???

Where specificly is this chip??? How big is this chip that I am looking for the names to varify that it is the particular one that can be OC'ed correctly???


Teken<---Who has looked hi & low, and still can't find it... :(
clock generator

The clock generator chip for the Asus P4T-E is at the end of the pci slot that is right next to the agp slot. It should have a CYP for the Cyprus chips and ICS for the newer chips. It should be pretty easy to find.

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I found it...


Thank you for the clarification... I located the said chip and it does read ICS... Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa:D