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P5B + e7300 + 4GB HyperX 1066

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Nov 27, 2014
Hello everybody!

It's been a while since I've played around with overclocking. I have been content with my setup running as it was so far, so my memory and knowledge is seriously outdated (if not worthless) nowadays. I have decided it's time to get rid of my old 4x1gb pc6400 goodrams and get something more serious before moving onto an entirely new platform. So I got myself a pair of 2gb hyperx 1066 5-5-5-15. Gonna get a second pair pretty soon, I think.

Cooling is scythe II with the radiator mounted on the case right next to the heatsink (instead of on it, which makes a whole lotta more noise and vibration).

Just for the record, the mobo is standard P5B. Just P5B. Latest bios 2104.

Now on stock settings, which are 266x10, I can apparently pull off 1:1 (or is it 1:2? not sure if this is quadruppled or just doubled for e7300) and just run the hyperX memories on pc8500 5-5-5-15 (interstingly enough, on 2.1V even though kingston says 2.2 required - must be enough of a leeway in terms of voltage from the board just to pull it off).

But then I am loosing the added benefit of faster CPU (really made things better with Skyrim and so on). I would also like to keep the 10x multiplier, as when not under load it apparently drops to 6x and uses much less power - though I am not confident its the EIST kicking in...

So, guys and gals, after this long intro - any sense in playing around with other ratios or maybe over/underclocking in any direction? Right now it is pretty stable at 333x10, vcore at 1.375 and (i think) 3:5 ratio with ram, but I am having mixed feelings about this. While I am able to choose DDR2-1067 from bios, it just boots as pc-7500 or something like that. (UPDATE: CPU-Z though reports DRAM speed 533 though)

So suboptimal.

I've also tried FSB 400 and underclocking ram to pc6400, but it wont even boot to bios (I suspect not enough voltage to the processor or northbridge, but vcore 1.3625 is the top of what I am comfortable with and NB voltage is something that cannot be managed on vanilla p5b. Though maybe I should up the stock fsb termination voltage setting...).

Any pointers? Feel free to point out I am being stupid or something, this is kinda likely at this point.

UPDATE: Maybe a useful bit of info - gpu is a 560Ti
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Nov 27, 2014
I've been pushing forward with the cpu first and downclocked memory, to get a high and stable frequency without too much heat.

Kind of old, but tried and true method. Slow progress with stable sets:

FSB 266-273 x 10 @ 1.2V (9mhz gain)
274-289 x 10 @ 1.25V (9mhz)
283-297 x 10 @ 1.3V (14mhz)
298-309 x 10 @ 1.35V (13mhz first sign of diminishing returns)
310 - 311 x10 @ 1.3625V [2mhz gain (theoretically 8 @ 1.4V)this is pretty much as far as I think is "relatively safe".]

311 seems pretty much stable at 1.3625V. It is however dangerously close to 60 deg C so I will back down to the previous tier.
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