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P8Z68-V LX + I7-2600k + HyperX 212 EVO

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New Member
Jul 31, 2016
Hey guys,

First post here so please be gentle :)

I was looking into overclock my old i7-2600k and have found while stress testing that my mobo would thermal throttle it - going down from my 4.5ghz to the default 3.6ghz...

Is that normal considering I have an HyperX 212 EVO for cooling my cpu?


Premium Member
Mar 11, 2003
Welcome to the forums ! :)

This can be normal for many reasons. Let's start with. Did you mount the 212 properly? Did you apply some thermal goo? Is there enough air flow thru your case to vent the heat generated? What stress test are you using? Specifics too please. . . Make and model of mother board etc.. Perhaps make a signature so we all may see and thus we can help you much better. Ok I think thats a fair way to start. We are looking forward to your reply. Again, welcome to the forums !!