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Pagefile size allocation during gaming?

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Jul 12, 2002
I've always put my pagefile size on my SSD to 1024 min and 1024 max as suggested by some SSD guides.

I've recently started playing Witcher 3 and those of you who play it can perhaps relate to the many issues this game presents in terms of stuttering, fps drops etc.

It's a very demanding game and I get that...probably should have a i7 but I don't.

After many tweaks etc I decided to monitor pagefile allocation on my OSD as the one thing I didn't tweak.

I switched the virtual memory location to my HDD and set it to system managed.

I was shocked while playing the game to see upwards to 7gb of pagefile allocation?

I have 16gb of RAM and the game is using roughly 4-5gb...what's with the 7gb of virtual memory usage?

Why is my RAM not being used instead?


Dec 10, 2003
The game decides how the memory is allocated however don't worry the Graphics don't use the SSD while in flight unless it is a old game.