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painting my monitor? can it be done?

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Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
i have a question for all of you who have painted parts of your system before. i have a completely black system except for my monitor and it kinda bugs me. i really don't want to get a new monitor because i simply can't afford it right now. i was curious if it would be okay to paint the plastic on my monitor... i am not sure how i would go about doing it... i was almost thinking that i could somehow take all the plastic panels off of it and paint them and then reinstall the panels. i would like some feedback on if this is feasible. and what sort of paint would i use? would spray paint work okay? just curious... i am pretty poor so that is why i am asking about spray paint :)
Captain Slug said:

I was going to write one but each monitor is manufactured a little differently depending on brand. That and it's dangerous unless you take the necesary precautions.

Here are some tips...

1. Leave the monitor turned off and unplug for atleast 3 or 4 days before taking it apart. The capacitors hold a considerable amount of charge even when the monitor is unplugged.
2. GO SLOW, this is not the safer thing to be opening up and it may have sharp edges or a construction that can only be taken apart ONE WAY.
3. Put down a drop cloth and do this on carpet. The inside of a monitor gets very dirty, or was dirty before you bought it (people weren't really menat to fiddle with it anyway). Doing this on carpet will atleast safegaurd you from chipping the screen if you slip.
4. HAVE A CONTAINER or bowl handy to hold all the screws. Lose one and your monitor may not go back together
5. Reassembly can be awkward and you may need some big books handy to prop a part up to get it back together.

6. IMPORTANT IF you use regular spray paint to paint your monitor you will need to use it in a well vetilated area for the next two weeks. Monitors get rather warm and some of the surface layers of paint may burn off on the inside of the shell.

Once the shell is off general painting rules apply. There are Stickied guides about painting method. But Vinyl dye is alot easiest and will last alot longer.
As stated in this thread
Yep, i painted my 17in about a year and a half ago, and im planning on painting my 19in this weekend. The 17in was a pain because it didnt come apart easily, but the 19in is gonna be a peice of cake. Everything just comes right off.
The Spyder said:
lol~ i just painted mine~ only taping the screen off :) still works :)
I DO NOT recommend doing it that way because you'll be over-spraying through the venting holes covering some vital bits (which will cause more fumes to burn off).
except that the whole monitor has a metal shell inside surrounding it~ and that the only vents were at the bottom? Its a weird monitor~ nice thow......

BUT for anyone else......... take it apart!!!