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PAL 6035 conversion to watercooling

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Mar 25, 2001
Has anyone tried such conversion? I'm beginning to think about it because I can't find any copper to realize a block and I don't want to spend any bucks because I prefer finding solution myself (hobbyist I think).
The simple idea, plexiglas box surrounding the PAL and new attach...
but I don't know how the black anodization would do with water...
Most home-made waterblocks (I've seen) are based on old heatsinks and have walls of plexiglass, plate aluminium, or just out of a plain dollop of epoxy (which is then sanded and drilled). Just make sure either you somehow channel the inlet water through the pins/fins or rip them out entirely (they'll leave some stubs but that's OK). Black anodization? Even better! The only 'painful' part of this process of making a DIY waterblock is to wait for the epoxy or adhesive to fully cure. Some epoxies can take up to 3 days to reach full strengh. Make sure to test the finished waterblock for leaks first before using it. Don't mix copper and aluminium anywhere in your watercooling rig. It's either all-copper or all-aluminium.

Good luck and godspeed!
Ok I'll keep you informed, I think pal will perform good...