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PAL8942 w/ Sunon 39CFM fan OR ThermalTake Variable Speed Control fan????

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May 2, 2002
Southern California
I'm getting an Alpha Pal8942 soon and was wondering if an 80mm Sunon 39CFM would work better or a 80mm ThermalTake variable speed fan would work better?

The reason I am asking is because I have an extra ThermalTake variable speed fan left from my volcano 7 and it "claims" 46CFM at it's lowest speed (i highly doubt that tho), and 53 CFM at it's fastest speed. I like this fan because it's quiet when it's not hot (idling otherwise known as ME SLEEPING) but it also cools pretty good when cpu temps raise becase it starts spinning faster...

The 39CFM sunon seems like a really quiet fan tho... 32db...

Anyone have both and want to comment? Maybe temps?

I know fans on alphas are known to work better in the suck position, but I plan on using this on the BLOW position because I also have a 120mm fan blowing on the heatsink (side intake on case) and if I set the cpu fan to suck, that would sort of be going against the higher cfm (from the 120mm)...

I'm partial to the Tt fan myself. The thermistor-based rpm scaling sukt IMO. It never got above 3300 rpms for me until I removed the thermistor and let it run full speed- 5100 rpms. Its louder, but not annoyingly so.... not more than a common house fan on low speed.

And 53cfm beats 39cfm anyday. I use my Tt fan as my rear exahust now, and it makes the posters on the wall behind my desk flap.
however, i sorta question TT's claim that it's 53cfm... I mean at 5000rpm, sure, it prolly is 53CFM, but at 2900rpm, they claim 46CFM... th'ats sorta BULL to me...

BTW, the volcano 7 TT fan on my MCX462 used to go from 2900-4500rpm ALL the time..... at idle, 2900, at full load, 4500rpm or so...

so I know the fan thing works on the MCX462..... HOWEVER, now that I sold the MCX462 and am using the original volcano 7 hs, i notice fan speeds never really go past 3500rpm... even though it runs a lil hotter than my mcx462 did... weird... maybe the mcx462 heatsink absorbed the heat better, thus making the fan think it's hotter, whereas the volcano 7 hs doesn't absorb the heat as well and therefore the fan doesn't pick up the heat?

ok, actually that made no sense..... 6am, I need sleep!
ok, the thermaltake fan keeps temps about 1-2C lower...

however it does get louder....

but i took the probe out of hte holder and stuck it IN the heatsink... fan gets to 4963rpm now at full load and is about 3-4C lower than the sunon fan... (about 1-2 C lower than leaving the thermal diode how it comes stock)