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Palm vs Pocket PC Sony vs Palm vs TOshebia...

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Frost Byte

Jun 22, 2001
Where can i find some good review that compare the Palm OS to Pocket PC...my current HP Jornada is dying

I also would like to find some reviews of the Sony PDA and other makers.

Or if you have a PDA and would like to tell me how you like yours, i'd love to hear about it. Do they make any that double as an mp3 player?


I bought my girlfriend a Sony Clie two years ago. She only really uses it for school: writing down assignments, taking very brief notes, etc. She hasn't had a problem with it yet, and it looks really nice.

My Palm VII on the other hand... I've had so many problems with it, it's not even funny. I've sent it back to Palm 3 times. It has really turned me off to Palm, so I'm planning on either getting an HP, or a Handspring...

There are a few sites out there with good reviews, check out:


Search for PDA reviews in Google also...
I think the Clie has mp3 capabilities.
I have the BK/Wh model and I can't live without it. It got rid of all those pieces of paper that were making my pockets heavy :)
For the last couple of years, my wife and I have used the TRG Pro. The TRGs have been rock solid. Even though they have CF cards, the high resolution screens of the current crop of PDAs are tempting. I have a Sony Clie NX70V on order to test as a replacement.

The primary advantages of the Palm OS are the simple menu system and that a file is saved automatically when you are finished using it. I can't imagine using the Pocket PC menus to access programs and data in a pressure situation. With the Palm OS, it's intuitive.

Since I've been doing a bit of serious research lately, here's a few links for ya....

Clie Source What can I say, Sony won in my research.

Many of the Sites listed above have forums. Clie Source in particular, has very a strong fourm.
Right now I am using a Handspring treo. I like it alot. Its a cellphone/pda hybred. If you are a huge cell phone user I would say its only an adequate cell phone but for somone like me who needs to stay in touch but does not use it 24/7 its great. I carry 1 less device with me now and I LOVE having all the pda functionality built into a phone. :cool:
I highly do not recommend Palms/Handsprings. They break very very easily. I have gone through one, another friend of mine has gone through one, another friend has gone through 2 palms and a handspring. They dont seem to be very reliable at all. The problem I got was my screen stopped responding...not sure what happened to my friends